Sunday, 18 January 2009

My favourite graffiti

This is my favourite bit of graffiti on the Potterrow wooden fencing (see yesterday's picture). As I am totally ignorant of these things I have no idea what it stands for or represents; I just like the shape and colours of it, and I also like how it stands out among the many tags.


Marc said...

I think it stands for 4 (four). But I guess you figured that out too. Maybe it's hidden advertising for Smart.

Kris said...

It looks like a 1970s logo for a TV station.

Channel Four, one would imagine!

Jan said...

Breathtaking, thought provoking photos.
Your daily photo site makes me want to add more "artsy" photos. You do a nice job with people pictures. We've been focusing on the places.

Stop by if you have time:


Jon said...

Is that gaffiti or outdoor art? I think if graffiti as gang tagging and "Tom loves Jane" markings. thius is actually somewhat long as it's not there without the wall owner's permission.