Monday, 29 September 2008

Royal Mile 17 - World's End

Many citizens in medieval Edinburgh never left the city - they either could not afford to pay to get back in, or they simply had no business outside the city walls. And so for many people the current St Mary's Street marked the end of their world, which is why the pub on the corner is called the World's End.

Incidentally, the pub's name is now mainly known in the context of the gruesome but as yet unsolved World's End murders of 1977, so-called because the victims were last seen alive in this pub. Two worlds ended indeed.


Kris said...

A nasty bit of business those murders; I am surprised that they didn’t change the name of the place given the association with the deaths. I guess that this brings some kind of publicity to the pub though.

Lothiane said...

Ah, it's so nice to see this tour of Royal Mile, it makes me remember when I was there. I visited this pub and it was really nice there! Good haggis too. ;)