Friday, 19 September 2008

Mystery man

Who is this kilted man lurking in the shadows? What is he plotting? (Suggestions in the comments, come back tomorrow to see if you were right...)


Knoxville Girl said...

There is something Felliniesque about this photo - I love the dual perspectives. He's plotting a sartorial coup, of course.

fatdaddy said...

I reckon he's a nationalist waiting to charge onto the Royal Mile!!

Wayne said...

These snap quizzes are so stressful. There is something wonky looking about this.

I think we're being lured into a trap but I'm going to guess it's a mannequin and not a man. Or it's a bloke selling dodgy bag pipe parts in a back alley.

I'm so used to getting these things wrong it doesn't even bother me any more. Well, hardly at all.

USelaine said...

Hmmm. He looks like the real deal. Is it time to pay the piper?

Kris said...

Mel Gibson?

Anonymous said...

He must be waiting for the Girl Friend....has that "resigned" look.
I'm more curious about theone way back in the doorway.