Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Money money money

Ever seen a note of £1,000,000? Well, apparently that and everything else you have always wanted to know about money is on show at the Museum on the Mound, which is part of the impressive HBOS Headquarters just off the Royal Mile. I confess I haven't actually visited it yet, apart from when the exhibition was still being put together (Mr Dido worked on the building's renovation and showed me every room, radiator and cleaner's cupboard just before completion!). One of these days we really ought to have a look. Oh, and it's free.


Wayne said...

Do they give away samples?

Jackie said...

An interesting choice for today, given the news about HBOS probably being taken over by Lloyds/TSB. Maybe they should start charging to reduce their debts!

I just wanted to say thanks to Mr D for his comment on my blog about the Lighthouse (I've been away so am just catching up now). It's always great to have such knowledgeable commenters!