Friday, 12 September 2008

Cowgate, Old Town

One of the most fascinating things about Edinburgh's urban make-up is its verticality, or the way in which the city is built on different levels, over and on top of each other. A good example of this is the Cowgate above. I took this picture from George IV Bridge looking along the Cowgate in the direction of South Bridge. Many of the buildings on both of these 'bridges' will have an entrance or even a completely different function on Cowgate level, which is essentially a dip with steep slopes to the Royal Mile on the north and Chambers Street on the south side.

Now notorious for its riotous nightlife at weekends, the Cowgate once was one of the main thoroughfares for cattle from outside the city into the Grassmarket.


Tash said...

That is an awsome picture!!!
I must make it there sometime.

Remco Neerhof said...

Great picture! I was in Edinburgh in August and we stayed in the Backpackers Hostel at Cowgatehead. So we discovered the nightlife here and we went to The Three Sisters (right on the photo) twice. Very nice pub/club, especially because of the outside terrace!

babooshka said...

What I liked about Edingburgh was discovering all the little back streets. So much goes on there. e arhcitecture certainly stands out amongst British cities.