Sunday, 28 September 2008

Royal Mile 16 - Netherbow Port

If you look closely at the wall of the Storytelling Centre, you will see that a recessed space was created specifically to house this carving from 1606. It was once part of the Netherbow Port, a large gatehouse that stood not far from this spot on the Royal Mile. Part of the old city wall, residents and visitors had to pay to enter the city through this gate.
Gory detail: severed heads of executed criminals were often displayed on the spikes of the gate to discourage others from commiting crimes. The gate was demolished in 1764 but brass cobbles in the road mark the spot where it once stood.


Kris said...

1606? People carry on about anything pre-1900 down here!

babooshka said...

It's the kind of history that needs to be preserved. Gory, but it happened. Interestingstonework that has been left to mark it.