Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Royal Museum Work in Progress

In my lunchbreak I walked past the Royal Museum - currently closed for major redevelopment - and noticed that the door to the East Wing was left open. This space is fondly remembered by many as the mammal hall with the elephants, giraffes etc etc. Looking quite a bit different at the moment!!


m_m said...

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Hilda said...

There seems to be quite a lot of museum renovation going on in Europe at the moment. I'm sure it would be wonderful to visit after!

Alan said...

Hope they don't spoil the museum too much with the 'modernisation', and the same goes for the National Portrait Gallery in Queen Street which closes this weekend . . . . will have to find another cafe to read the papers on Sunday :-(

Only just found out that someone has again taken up the challenge of the 'Edinburgh Daily Photo' . . . best of luck :-)