Thursday, 19 February 2009

Arden House

I simply had to share this with you; this is the drawing room in Arden House (for hire from the University) - downstairs from the Confucius Institute. It's beautiful!!


Abe Lincoln said...

It does look stunning. I would like to visit there some time if I have time.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

Evee said...

If that is the beautiful house around which the Pollock Halls have evolved, I was told by my parents that it was once a school called St Trinians!!! I've never found out the truth about that!

Dido said...

Evee - you're partly right! The building that used to be St Trinians School is now called St Leonnard's Hall and sits a five-minute walk from this house, on the same campus.

Anonymous said...

Technically, it was St Trinnean's.

Sharon said...

I agree and it has a beautiful view too.

Jacob said...

It is very nice. What's for dinner? And do we need to dress?

Evee said...

Thanks for the info on St T's! Can anyone enter the Campus and have a walk around? I'd love a closer look at Arden House and St Leonard's Hall!

Dido said...

Evee - I guess you could, especially if you go in at the pedestrian gate at the top of Dalkeith road. You will find a campus map here: Have fun!

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