Monday, 16 June 2008

Lily? No Iris actually!

Here is the latest in the series of flowers from my garden, which is inhabited by a substantial number of foxgloves, buttercups, a large clematis and general weeds. But I was amazed to find this beauty in amongst the rest - and even more amazed that I actually managed to capture its delicacy rather succesfully (I'm normally not so good at these things). One more tomorrow, then I will hopefully have emerged from the city where there are very few flowers and very many people!


USelaine said...

That looks like a beautiful Dutch iris! Most irises grow from underground stems called rhizomes, but Dutch irises grow from bulbs. They do well just about anyplace daffodils can grow.

USelaine said...

For pictures and further information:

British Iris Society

Jackie said...

Yes, I think that's an iris too. But whatever it is, you've captured it beautifully!