Monday, 2 June 2008

Azaleas at the Botanics

On Saturday, I spent some time in the beautiful Botanic Garden, just north of the New Town. The weather was absolutely glorious as you can see, and the garden was full of families, groups of friends, sun lovers and plant lovers! Opposite the glasshouses there's a large field with azaleas - the flowers are getting to their end now but the range of colours was still amazing! My two-year old niece also enjoyed herself, running back and forth on the grass and posing very prettily in front of a large bush of pink flowers - a post for another day!

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Lothiane said...


I went to the botanic garden while in Edinburgh. A friend of mine who studies there showed me the beautiful park. Really a oasis...

I live in New Town at a guesthouse. I liked it there. :)