Thursday, 29 May 2008

Rocky indeed!

To demonstrate the point I made about the castle on 26 May, here's a picture from the Grassmarket to show that it really does sit on a pretty impressive bit of rock! The Grassmarket itself - known for its quaint shops, pubs and 'vibrant' wildlife on a Friday and Saturday night - is being partly pedestrianised in a bid to make more of its picturesque character (hence the digger and roadworks).

After I took this photo I walked on past the second-hand bookshops in the west end of the Grassmarket, when I noticed this print in the window of an antiquarian printseller (apologies for the reflections but the picture was taken rather surrepticiously to avoid conflict with the owner):


Tanya said...

Amazing castles! I hope to one day see some in real life! I like the reflection though of the last photo!

Lothiane said...
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Lothiane said...

Oh it's nice to see your blog from Edinburgh! It's quite new, isn't it? I visted E. last year and loved it so much!

I will come back to see more. :)

- Oslo Daily Photo

babooshka said...

Two fantastic images.

Adam said...

Hi, I found your blog after I got into the whole DP thing. I spent 6 months in Newcastle Upon Tyne a while back and visiting Edinburgh was the most amazing time in my life.

Great shot here too, the castle is fantastic. Quite the majestic place you would imagine one would be.

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