Saturday, 24 May 2008

Eurovision madness

The Eurovision Party is a time-honoured tradition at our friends' house - if 'your' country gets 12 points you hit the Skittle vodka (yes, that's really vodka with red or green sweeties dissolved in it...). See above for the poor sod who drew Russia - though the combination Armenia - Azerbaijan also earned a respectable amount of shots!

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Jackie said...

Hello, thanks for your comment over at my place today - I hadn't realised there was a new Ed Daily Photo - welcome! I'll look forward to seeing your photos, Edinburgh is lovely.

Actually I was in Edinburgh for a Eurovision party too, though as I was driving I didn't get involved in any vodka-ish activities - probably just as well!

Today is muggy and close - I think we may get a storm later. Typical - we moan when it rains, and then want it to rain when it doesn't!