Friday, 30 May 2008

Sea Pink and Silverweed

Idyllic eh? Yet this is not some countryside meadow with a church in the distance, but instead it was taken in the middle of Edinburgh's Old Town and in one of my very favourite places - the roof-top garden of the National Museum of Scotland. Once you've taken the lift up to the 7th floor (remember, it's free!) you get the most amazing view of Edinburgh Castle and the city centre. You can even see the water of the Firth of Forth way in the distance. Plus, it's a wonderful suntrap on a beautiful day like today, and a great place to go and eat a sandwich in your lunchbreak!

You can also get to the roof-terrace by stairs from the 5th floor of the Museum - this is what that looks like:


Ineke said...

Hi Dido, thanks for stopping by rotterdamdp. I live on the beukelsdijk myself, so for all i know we may even have bumped into each other when you visited your sister :)

Isn't there a festival during the summertime in Edinburgh? Would love to go there once.

Dido said...

Hi Ineke, yep there are lots of festivals in fact; the two biggest ones are the Edinburgh International Festival ( which does the 'high arts' such as ballet, opera, theatre etc, and the Fringe ( which is a huge frantic beast and includes lots of comedy, music, theatre, street shows etc. They each last for about three weeks and overlap two weeks in mid-August, which is the best time to visit!

USelaine said...

What a clever and spectacular post! I've become a little familiar with your area (and let's face it, the entire island) by visiting, for years now. Someday, I'll see your wonderful city for myself. My grandfather used to say, if he wasn't Cornish, he'd want to be Scottish.

Lothiane said...

I'm really so pleased that you started this blog. I've looked for it before, but couldn't find any from Edinburgh. It's lovely seeing photos from your wonderful city - I miss it and will definitely come back!

I didn't go to the National Museum, but I did go to see some really nice places. My favourite: St Mary King's Close. Absolutely LOVED it! So touching... and really so interesting.

I'll be back. Take care!