Sunday, 25 May 2008

Edinburgh hills (view part 1)

They say that, like Athens, Edinburgh was built on seven hills. To be honest, some of these hills were not so much built on as built around, and that goes for the two in this photo: Arthur's Seat & Salisbury crags to the left and Calton Hill to the right and closer to the camera. The former sit in a large area of wild parkland called Holyrood Park and at its heighest point Arthur's seat (far left) reaches 251m - not bad for a hill in the middle of a capital city! Calton Hill is not nearly as high and boasts a collection of rather odd but nevertheless iconic monuments. Needless to say, the view from both these hills onto the city is fabulous.

This picture was taken from our friends' fourth floor flat in the north of Edinburgh, looking south-east. If you were to continue turning to the right (so facing south) you'd see the city centre and the castle - so come back for tomorrow's view part two!

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Denton said...

Looking forward to part 2.

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