Monday, 14 July 2008

Royal Mile 5 - Wardrop's dragon

I found this beauty above the entrance to one of the many closes running off the Royal Mile. Go through Wardrop's Court to access the 17th century Lady Stair's House, now home to the Writer's Museum.

Come back tomorrow for the next instalment of the Royal Mile tour (I am still away).


Julie said...

Ooh, it's a dragon mermaid. Intricately cast and just tossed into a corner. Quite lovely.

That wooden mantle looks gorgeously warm, pock-marked and old. This is the sort of detail that entrances me. Sure, I like the wider view to get my bearings. But up-close-and-personal gets me every time.

Petrea said...

Wonderful photo. I've heard of the Writers Museum, I think. Can't remember where I heard of it. Would love to learn more about it. I'm really enjoying this tour.