Monday, 28 July 2008

Newhaven Lighthouse

Time for another lighthouse picture! This one was taken on Saturday evening, when Mr DiDo and I popped down to Newhaven Harbour with half a bottle of rose wine... I'm afraid I spoiled the romantic atmosphere somewhat by continuously taking pictures of the harbour in this gorgeous orange light. I love the slow Scottish sunset at this time of year!


Virginia said...

Oh my. You captured a terrific sunset. It is just so soft and lovely.

Blognote said...

That is an excellent photo, Dido!!
There is still enough time for romance with Mr. Dido!

Julie said...

Mr Dido would have admired you at your energised, involved best - and appreciated.

You have captured a very romantic image of the lighthouse - so the rose wine was working a treat.

Anonymous said...

I´d love to share a glass of wine with you at that spot! August 10 perhaps? M.

Allie said...

What a beautiful, evening light cast upon the lighthouse. Aren't summer evenings wonderful?

Mandy said...

I do adore lighthouses.