Thursday, 10 July 2008

Royal Mile 1 - Edinburgh Castle

Where better to start than at the very top of the Royal Mile, on the esplanade in front of Edinburgh Castle? As you can see the stands are now up for the July concerts and the Edinburgh Military Tattoo which takes place every day in August.

The Royal Mile is in fact the oldest street in Edinburgh. A mile long, it stretches out along a narrow ridge of rock from Edinburgh Castle at the top, to Holyrood Palace at the bottom. From it, narrow ‘wynds’ and ‘closes’ run down the steep slopes to the north and south of the Royal Mile. For this reason, the layout of Edinburgh’s Old Town has often been compared to a fish’s skeleton.

Come back tomorrow for the next instalment of the Royal Mile tour (I am still away).


Blognote said...

Yes, I have seen the Edinburgh Military Tatto once, many years ago. Edinburgh is a beautiful city. I have excellent memories of my stay there. Dank je voor de foto, Dido!

Petrea said...

Wow! I don't suppose one can ever see the castle without so many people around it, but it's amazing nonetheless. Can you tour inside? I've read so much about it. Such history.