Sunday, 16 August 2009

William Hole Murals in St James's

Anyone who's ever visited the Scottish National Portrait Gallery will remember the beautiful murals and frieze painted by William Hole around 1900. Few, however, will know that Hole painted two equally fabulous murals in St James Church at Goldenacre, some years before his more famous commission. St James's , a red stone building on Inverleith Row, was Hole's own church, and he carried out the decorations as a favour to his own parish. Just as well he did, because this work later earned him the Portrait Gallery job!


Jackie said...

That's a lovely photo. I go to a church in Glasgow which also has art work (not exactly frescoes, as they were I think painted on wood then stuck to the wall so they would last a bit longer!) by William Hole. I really like his style.

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic photo. I believe William Hole went on to produce further murals in the Edinburgh Municipal Buildings, this time depicting incidents from the history of the city. I notice there's now a website dedicated to celebrating his life and work at

Unknown said...

William Hole was my step Grandfather's uncle.