Tuesday, 11 November 2008

It's finally here!!

Pardon my excitement, but never in my life have I lived a stone's throw from a shop that NEVER CLOSES!! The new Asda on the Waterfront opened yesterday and like many locals we went to have a nosy; by 10.30pm it was still pretty busy.

There has been much discussion over the design of the building; earlier versions did not get planning approval but this one has been described as 'sympathetic' and 'continental' - it is certainly not the usual big white box but instead has fairly unobtrusive wood cladding and glass panelling. And, more importantly, a fab fresh curry counter.


Wayne said...

How far flung is this chain Dido? I can only think of one large grocery that stays open all night here. There doesn't seem to be enough demand.

Home Depot experimented with opening a store around the clock but they gave up after a few months. There is a bakery/coffee shop nearby that stays open 24hrs. and seems to thrive.

Mr Dido said...

ASDA are, a bit unfortunately, owned by Wal-Mart...