Wednesday, 5 November 2008

A Door in New Town

I took this picture just around the corner from yesterday's Circus Place, on Howe Street, as a typical example of a New Town door and facade. As you can see the road is sloping up quite steeply; in fact, most roads that lead south into the city centre slope up. Which is very useful to know if you aren't that great at orientation, because all you need to do is keep going up and you'll always end up in town without a problem!


Hope said...

Such steep roads in your city! Everyone must get such a great workout by walking!

Kris said...

Are there rules about the colour that your door can be?

Dido said...

Hope - you bet!!

Kris - I'm not sure, most 'normal' colours seem to be acceptable, though i've never seen a pink or orange door.