Thursday, 28 August 2008

Chris Hoy on the Royal Mile

Yesterday, we went and cheered for the Scottish Olympic medallists Chris Hoy (3x gold in cycling), fellow cyclist Ross Edgar, rower Katherine Grainger and canoeist David Florence (all silver), along with thousands of others who came to see them as they were carried down the Royal Mile on an open-top bus.

Incidentally, Chris Hoy got tangled up in the debate about whether or not Scotland should have a separate Olympic team (yes, say the SNP and Sean Connery - not necessarily, say most others including Hoy). After some heated debates in the media, a big Saltire (Scottish flag) was prominently displayed on the front of the bus. Coincidence? I think not! Still it's a shame that even sport can become so politicised in today's brave new world of Scottish politics.

For a few more pictures of the parade, have a look at my photo report.


USelaine said...

You are very much the photojournalist! I hope someone is paying you. Nice clear view for what must have been a dicey situation.

Jackie said...

Oh that's a great shot - it must have been quite the occasion. There's a picture of this on the flickr scotland blog too (link in my blogroll).

angela said...

I would imagine that the costs of training an olympic team would be astronomical..a burden on the economy. Interesting post.
I'm now registered for theme day...would you like a photo of Nice inreturn for the Edinburgh photo? If so let me know what you'd like as I'm going in tomorrow to do some shopping and snapping..

Dido said...

USElaine - I wish!!!

It certainly was a great occasion, and like a 'proper' journalist I found myself running around a back alley to catch the parade a second time, as I didn't get the shot I wanted first time round.

Sharon said...

Great picture and congratulations all around for the medals!