Thursday, 11 December 2008

Old Town winter sun

A low winter sun over the Old Town skyline as seen from Princes Street whilst doing some (rather unsuccessful) Christmas shopping at lunchtime!


Sharon said...

Wow, this picture is almost magical. It would make a great Christmas card!

Fredrik said...

This backlight picture is so eyecatching. Great job!

babooshka said...

Exceptional image. Really is a stan alone shot. You nailed that sunflre to your advantage, and that's not easy to do.

Evelyn/Ev/Evee said...

Hi Dido
I have only just come upon your great blog and have sat here most of the afternoon reading and admiring! It's now dark!
Edinburgh is my home city, though I live away from it now, which I thought I knew rather well, but I have learned a few things today!
Must tell you that there is a calotype (in the Peacock) of "The Pastor's visit" - in which my great great great grandfather is the church elder standing behind the minister talking to the fishwives! 60 years after that picture was taken, D O H's great niece married the elder's great grandson - my grandparents!
Loved your photos. I'll be back!

Jackie said...

That's a great picture. Sorry I've not been around to comment for a while, but I've enjoyed catching up. Edinburgh seems so much more tasteful at Christmas than Glasgow!